Commercial Mortgage Apartment Loans – Why This Is Still A Great Investment

Owning an apartment building might not seem like an obvious investment choice, but getting commercial mortgage apartment loans has never been easier. Real estate has suffered during the recession, there is no disputing that, but it is still one of the safest investments that a person can get into. The government is backing investors who develop multifamily properties and there has been a huge swing in the economy towards rental properties.A lot of this has to do with the economy affecting individuals so greatly. Rental accommodation is becoming more valuable and viable to people who have had to tighten their belts during the recent credit crunch. Banks are not lending money to potential home owners as easily as they once were and there is a need for quality apartment buildings and rental accommodation across the country.Applying for commercial mortgage apartment loans is a process that has been made even simpler due to the rise of many independent financial companies. They are more prepared to grant commercial mortgage apartment loans than large banks are, and they are also able to offer different types of loans depending on the needs of the applicant. The involvement of the government in this type of loan has meant that banks and other financial institutions are able to offer loans of a higher percentage, sometimes even as high as 80%, because the government is essentially guaranteeing the loan.Commercial mortgage apartment loans come in different types. The conventional type of that is offered over a long term of about 30 years and carries a fixed rate of interest is the most common, but a good commercial loan company will advise you on what is best for the specific situation. This can be arranged through a bank or a smaller independent finance company but it may be a slightly more difficult process to get the loan approved.Another way of finding commercial mortgage apartment loans is to contact a private investment firm. These investors are looking for projects that they can invest in on a daily basis, and while the loan may not be as high as usual, only about 60 – 70%, it is a way of cutting through a lengthy applications process. Many private investment forms, take the value of the property as a guarantee for the loan, hence the rate being slightly lower. The advantage of this though, is that it may not be necessary to have to go through lengthy credit checks and processes to get a loan approved.The most risk free investment in commercial property is to form a joint venture with other people. This lowers the risk considerably while upping the investment portfolio. There are a number of financial companies who regularly joint venture with individuals to secure the commercial mortgage apartment loans so that the development can go ahead.

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