Five New Pop Art Styles

The world of pop art is adaptive, constantly imbibing new styles of contemporary arts into its fold. The list of the kinds in this form of art is exhaustive, and constantly growing to match the creative global talent our artists share. And so, in this article, we will limit our purview to five recent styles. And for the sake of relevance and easy categorization, we will talk of only those styles that can be personalized with your digital photographs.Ultrasound pop art This novel form of art promises to take imaging to the next level. Ultrasound scans of an unborn baby are translated into pop-art portraits in this style. Colours for the portrait are chosen based on the soft and hard parts of the scan, to give a realistic yet artistic portrait. This piece is great for occasions like a baby shower gift and can capture your child’s first portrait, even before he/she is born.Scanner Darkly StyleFor those who have seen this film, the style of Scanner Darkly is an unmistakable one. While the characters look real, they have actually been animated. This is done by an advanced technique called interpolated rotoscoping, which is translated into popart portraits also. The result is cartoon style portraits, that are realistic looking.Delftware styleMost of you must have heard about the famous pottery from Delft, Netherlands. Remember the aquamarine blues and the intricate prints on vases and other pottery? Well in a new style of pop art, this is possible on canvas too. The style borrows the floral and animal motifs from the pottery and converts digital photos to portrait outlines in similar blues. The two are then combined, with the portrait being surrounded in a frame/design of Delft motifs.Obama campaign styleThough Shepherd Fairey was not commissioned to do these portraits, the Obama portrait style stuck in the pop art world like Feviquik. The style is patriotic, modernist and bright. Moreover, it can easily be converted into a portrait of any person. And, it can have any message to match.Pastel popIf you thought that pop art was all about using bright colours, then pastel art comes in as a breath of fresh air. This form is greatly inspired by the Warhol style, but with a difference. The calm and soothing shades of pastel colours are used instead. The effect can look really good, and make portraits go better with your home d├ęcor.What we have covered up above, is just a small list of the high styles this year. Before you opt for a new style for your portrait, consider how it would look in a draft preview. And once you are satisfied, only then order for prints. New trends like films, celebrity purchases or artists change the course of what art gets purchased. While the new ones are always alluring, traditional styles of Warhol, street art and comic style continue to enjoy a special place in the hearts of people. So when you plan to make your purchase, ensure that the decision is driven, not just by trends, but also by how much you love the piece.

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